Alumni Reunite

Two of our alumni, former Athletic Training Student Jared Williams and former Graduate Assistant Derek Calvert, recently reunited in Philadelphia. Williams, is currently at the University of Maryland in College Park completing a Sports Medicine Fellowship as an Assistant Athletic Trainer with Baseball. He was accompanying an athlete to see Dr. Meyers at Vincera Core Physicians. Dr. Meyers has 25 years of experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of core muscles injuries. Calvert works along side Dr. Meyers as a Certified Athletic Trainer in the clinical and operating room setting. Williams and Calvert, who both worked with the LSU football team in 2012, were able to meet up thousands of miles away and share their more recent experiences since leaving LSU. It is exciting to see our alumni reconnecting in such a unique setting. This is just more evidence that the relationships built while at LSU carry on way beyond our campus gates...and that you are also networking at all times! 
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