Academic Excellence

We are excited to share some news that has just been made public by the CAATE on programmatic outcomes, specifically BOC Pass Rate data for all programs.The Commission on Accreditation for Athletic Training Education ( has just published (for the first time) BOC pass rate data for all 357 accredited programs.  Very pleased to announce that LSU ranks as one of the top AT programs in the country!  
LSU has a 100% first-time BOC pass rate for past three years (3-year aggregate report).  When comparing average graduating cohort size with BOC 1st time pass rate data, LSU ranks in the top 20 programs (approximately the top 5%!)

For a detailed comparison of all 357 programs, visit and click on the "Professional Program BOC Pass Rate Data" article.

For detailed information on LSU's aggregate BOC pass rate data.....visit

Hope you and your families had a great Holiday!

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