Disease Prevention Around the World

The summer months consist of many different things for all of our students. Some take advantage of the break in school and sport to relax, while some jump into summer school, and others continue to work in the athletic training field as interns or students in different settings. Two of our senior students did something very different with their summer vacation, and the College of Human Sciences and Education is taking notice. Recently, an article was published detailing the work of Olivia Bourgeois and Jenna Nicol in Grand Goave, Haiti this summer. Both girls accepted internships with the organization, Global Effect, and worked with teams of volunteers to distribute nearly 1,000 water filters to the people of the surrounding community. These water filters provide clean drinking water for entire families and only need to be routinely cleaned to maintain function. Clean drinking water is key in preventing many potentially fatal disease, including cholera. Bourgeois and Nicol had the opportunity to learn about this disease and many others during their Communicable and Noncommunicable Disease course. As a semester project, the team designed a disease prevention plan for cholera involving the very water filters they helped to distribute months later. Bourgeois and Nicol plan to use the experience they gained this summer around the world in the future on different individual project. The full article can be read here. Great work ladies!
LSU Athletic Training