LSU Wellness Fair

On Wednesday, April 2nd, our undergraduate athletic training students participated in the LSU Wellness Fair. At some of the other booths, students were given the opportunity to have their blood pressure and glucose levels read, learned about healthy meal plans, and have their vision checked. At the athletic training station, the LSU community was introduced to our “TigerHearts CPS Program” for the first time. Created by students Brendan Jacob and Derek Carter, TigerHearts teaches two-step CPR to individuals by showing them an instructional video and allowing them to practice chest compression. Jacob and Carter aim to teach this simple process to all of the athletic teams on campus as a simple preventive measure that could one day save a life. Athletic training students also demonstrated basic stretching and core strengthening exercises to their peers using exercise mats and physioballs. Thank you to all who came out, and keep your eye open for more opportunities to learn more about TigerHearts.

LSU Athletic Training