Maintaining Perfection

The Athletic Training Education Program at LSU prides itself on adequately preparing its students for not only their careers, but also their personal lives.  One example of a time where our commitment to each other and our athletic training success is evident is with the successful pass rate on the Board of Certification Exam and receiving Athletic Training Licenses.  We are proud to announce that, as of now, the 2014 graduating seniors have maintained perfection with the 100% pass rate “tradition”. For the fourth year in a row, the Athletic Training Education Program’s senior students have achieved a 100% pass rate and remain committed to continuing that trend for years to come.  We would like to congratulate Yuri Ashley, Sarah Bair, Devon Bowie, Derionne Brooks, Eduardo Godoy, Tamaria Hollis, Meaghan Hussey, Brendan Jacob, Dalton LaFrance, Ben Morale, Tebrisa Thomas, and Will Payne on passing their exams and becoming certified Athletic Trainers.  We are all excited to watch these talented students begin their careers and look forward to seeing where those careers take them. 

LSU Athletic Training