LSU's Annual Halloween Boozar

LSU Athletic Department's annual Boozar was held on October 26, 2014. The Boozar is a community event that allows kids and their families to come out and enjoy the Halloween spirit with some of LSU’s athletes and athletic trainers. Hope Wildharber, one of our second year athletic training students, said, “It’s a fun event to have the kids interact and get to know us.” The athletic trainers had a pumpkin ring toss game set up in front of the PMAC that was a lot of fun for the children. Laura McKowen, our president of Alpha Tau Sigma, said that she had, "a really great time dressing up, seeing the kids in their costumes, and spending time with them as well."  Needless to say, this year’s Boozar was a successful and a fun time for all those involved!

LSU Athletic Training