Thanksgiving with the Tigers

With another Thanksgiving celebration come and gone, we are happy to announce that the Athletic Training Student Organization Alpha Tau Sigma was able to provide another a child in need with everything on his Christmas wish list.  Nine-year-old Joshua was the child had the opportunity to collect for. On his list he included a basketball, toys, and clothes.  The athletic training students were able to gather enough money to buy Joshua a Nerf gun with forty extra Nerf rounds, walkie talkies, a basketball, a full warm up suit, two t-shirts, a signed LSU basketball poster, and a sweat band.  The athletic training students were able to spend an evening with Joshua and watch his reaction as he opened his gifts.  Joshua was very excited by all of his gifts, and the athletic training students were able to take pride in the fact that they brighten this little boy’s day and Thanksgiving/ Christmas.  The athletic teams also had the opportunity to provide gifts for a child in need.  It is this time of year that makes you realize how truly blessed you are and allows you to be thankful that you are able to share those blessings with those less fortunate. 

LSU Athletic Training