Annual Holiday Gathering 2015

Tis’ the season to be grateful and giving! The LSU athletic trainer’s came together for the annual holiday party at Jack Marucci’s house. His house was quickly filled with delicious food and enjoyable memories. The students from football gave us a laugh with a music video they had created (which can be found on youtube if you want a laugh too). Also, White Elephant, the crowd favorite, was a success. For those who do not know, White Elephant is a Christmas game in which everyone brings a gift and puts them all together. Each participant picks and number and the lowest number picks a gift first.  Those with higher numbers can either open their own gift or steal a previously opened gift from someone else.  Therefore, forcing the person the gift was "stolen" from to open another gift or "steal" from someone else. Gifts like nerf guns and speakers and everything in between were “stolen” or opened that night. It was a perfect night to get everyone together and celebrate the holidays before finals week began. 

LSU Athletic Training