Upcoming Southeastern Athletic Training Association Conference

It's that time of year again!  The Southeastern Athletic Training Association’s annual conference is here! This year, two of our second year Athletic Training Students, Erin Holle and Olivia Wishman, have been chosen for the oral presentation of their case studies they submitted last semester.  Some of the students chosen to present posters at the conference were Armand Daigle, Desstin Alcorn, and Macy Simoneaux .  Laura Mckowen and Brandon Cazaubon will lead LSU’s team for the annual quiz bowl as well.  Congratulations to all of the students who were chosen to present their case studies.  The students attending the conference will not only present their case studies but also participate in two days worth of seminars on many different subjects pertaining to athletic training.  Some of the topics covered in the seminars include: kinesiotaping, joint mobilizations, and clinical documentation.  We wish the best of luck to those participating in the quiz bowl and during the presentations. We are very excited to expose our intelligent and talented Athletic Training Students to the rest of the Southeastern Athletic Training community.  
LSU Athletic Training