New Editions

As we begin another year here at LSU, we have some exciting additions to the resources we have available to us in the athletic training room.  We are excited to add an Alter G to our arsenal of equipment used to rehabilitate our athletes.  The Anti-Gravity Treadmill M/F320 is a rehabilitation treadmill that allows injured and recovering patients to walk, jog, or run at only a percentage of their body weight.  The Alter G has already been put to great use for all of the sports teams at LSU. This treadmill can be utilized for all different populations and injuries as well.  It can be used for overweight individuals that need to improve their cardiorespiratory fitness without putting a lot of force on their joints.  For LSU athletic training purposes, the Alter G has already been used to in the rehabilitation of injuries such as meniscectomies, lower leg fractures, labral repairs, and many more. This new piece of equipment now allows athletic trainers to incorporate more functional activities into a rehab without increasing the athlete’s risk of further injury. This equipment has been utilized in professional sports settings such as the NFL, and we are very excited to be able to utilize it for our student-athletes.  So far it has been a valuable addition to our resources, and the athletic trainers and athletes are excited to gain more experience working with the machine as the year progresses. 

LSU Athletic Training