Bowl Proven

The LSU Tigers proved victorious at this year’s bowl game.  The Tigers were invited to play in the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl this year against Texas Tech University.  As with every year, meticulous preparation went into to preparing for this bowl game and everyone from the support staff to the players contributed to the outcome.  It was an exciting game for Tiger’s fans as our defense held up strong against a notable, fast-paced Texas Tech offense.  The offense shined against the 125th defense in the nation.  We asked senior football Athletic Training Student Marissa Robles about her experience and she told us, "Being apart of a post season was great to learn and grow professionally and clinically.  While it was fun, it was an insight into how much more work goes into a longer travel week."  One of the unique parts of the bowl game was the opportunity for Jack, Andy, and Shelly to reconnect with an old student who has created a very successful career in Athletic Training. Ray Champagne has certainly come a long way from his start at LSU. He was the winner of the Tiger Cub Award in the Fall of 2009 as well as the winner of the prestigious Broussard Athletic Training Student of the Year in 2011.  It was certainly a proud moment for us to see him across the field running his own football program. 
In the end, we got the win and look forward to what next season will bring!

LSU Athletic Training