SEATA Backbone Award and Sue Gunter Award

Congratulations to Micki Collins for receiving the SEATA Backbone Award and the Sue Gunter Award! Micki Collins is currently the Athletic Trainer for the LSU Women's Basketball team. She is a very hardworking Athletic Trainer and has put forth great effort as an Athletic Trainer at LSU. The SEATA Backbone Award is designed to reward the assistant athletic trainer that has played a major role as backbone to the Head Athletic Trainer, doing everything that is needed in the athletic training room to keep things running smoothly. The Sue Gunter Award was awarded by the LSU Women's Basketball team to recognize Micki for her hard work she has done in the past, especially this year with all the injuries they had. When asking Micki how she felt about receiving the awards she said, "It was a definite honor to receive both the SEATA Backbone Award and the Sue Gunter Award. Nobody gets into athletic training for accolades, but it sure feels nice to be appreciated. It was a very nice honor to be awarded these from my colleagues, peers, and athletes." Again, congratulations Micki we are lucky to have you as part of our team!

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